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what is better composite or wood decking

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nov 10, 2017 . let's say you've just purchased a home. newly renovated kitchen? check. updated windows, frames, and trim? check. tidy, attractive landscaping? check. splintered, rotted-out deck in the back… sometimes it seems like there is no more work that can possibly be done on a home. this is usually when it.

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jul 8, 2013 . many home owners comment about how much more heat their composite deck retains. wood is a naturally good insulator, keeping a deck cool. composites do not breathe as well, and therefore tend to lock in heat. many plastic based products become too hot for you to enjoy the deck in the summer.

wood vs. composite: the ultimate guide to decking materials

composite decking looks like wood but with one major difference--it's made from recycled plastic, wood fiber, and epoxy. some types of composite decking require special tools and hardware, but a seasoned do-it-yourselfer can work with this material. for stronger boards, look for composite decking that contains.

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the most common question we encounter on decks.com is; "what is the best composite decking material?" unfortunately, there isn't a simple answer. the main benefit of low maintenance decking is that you will never have to stain, seal or paint the decking like wood materials. most higher quality synthetic decking.

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there are some significant differences between composite and wood decking in terms of durability and cost. both composite and wood decking require framing with treated wood floor joists to support the decking. the spacing of the floor joists for a deck will vary . dirt, stains, and mildew. watch this video to find out more.

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composite deck cons —. — usually more expensive than wood. — prone to mold, especially in the shade. — decks tend to get very hot in the sun. — chemical cleaners can strip the finish. — more susceptible to grease and oil stains (a factor to consider when locating your bbq). — synthetic materials aren't.

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jan 23, 2017 . whether you choose wood or composite material, a deck can add an entirely new dimension of outdoor living. so, which outdoor deck material is best?