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hollow to floor meaning

what does “the bedrock is practically hollow” mean? - quora

bedrock is the hard, solid rock beneath surface materials such as soil and gravel. bedrock also underlies sand and other sediments on the ocean floor. bedrock is consolidated rock, meaning it is solid and tightly bound. overlying material is often unconsolidated rock, which is made up of loose particles.

how to measure/size chart - simply bridal

bust, 32, 81, 33, 84, 34, 86, 35, 89, 36, 91, 37.5, 95, 39, 99, 41, 104, 43, 109. waist, 25, 64, 26, 66, 27, 69, 28, 71, 29, 74, 30.5, 77, 32, 81, 34, 86, 36, 91. hip, 35, 89, 36, 91, 37, 94, 38, 97, 39, 99, 40.5, 103, 42, 107, 44, 112, 46, 117. hollow to floor, 59, 150, 59, 150, 59, 150, 59, 150, 59, 150, 59, 150, 59, 150, 59, 150, 59, 150.

how to measure bust waist hip hollow to floor height for customized .

nov 27, 2012 . 4:42. how to measure for men african traditional wear (professional fitted measurement) part 1 - duration: 10:09. jahda global 5,207 views · 10:09 · the hollow position "floor" pull-ups - duration: 1:37. ironbodystudios 2,439 views · 1:37. taking measurements [how to take your body measurement.

hollow to floor - dress measuring guide by joswen.com

nov 13, 2015 . how to measure your hollow to floor so we can tailor your dress to fit perfectly. please visit https://joswen.com for more info.

how to fix a loose tile floor with fix-a-floor, how to repair a .

fast,easy, affordable! repair squeaky, loose hollow floors with fix-a-floor repair adhesive for tile, marble, stone wood. ready to fix your loose hollow tiles with fix-a-floor? it's quick easy! . once the drill bit clears the grout line you will feel it release meaning you have reached the void. this is far enough;.

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in lists: top 2000 english words, wine, villagers and heroes, more. synonyms: unfilled, void, empty, rounded inward, curving inward, more. collocations: the [wall, tree, floor] has a hollow, a hollow in the tree (trunk), located in the hollow of [the tree, your neck], more. forum discussions with the word(s) "hollow" in the title.

how do i measure my size? - lightinthebox

hollow to floor *stand straight with feet together *measure in bare feet *begin at the hollow space between the collarbones and pull tape straight down to the floor *to fit high heels, we'll add an extra 5 cm onto custom-sized floor-length dresses and dresses with trains, height * stand straight with feet together * measure in.

hollow-back - definition of hollow-back by the free dictionary

define hollow-back. hollow-back synonyms, hollow-back pronunciation, hollow-back translation, english dictionary definition of hollow-back. n pathol the nontechnical name for lordosis compare hunchback noun 1. hollow-back - an abnormal inward curvature of the vertebral column lordosis spinal.

hollow to floor az

aug 9, 2015 . taking your measurements for a perfectly fit dress is easy! here is a quick video by the azazie stylist team to show you how to take your measurements accurately. need more help? please click: azaz.ie/2agmroz or contact our stylists at customerservice@azazie.com. visit azazie.com to get.

hollow-core slab

another fabrication system produces hollow-core floor slabs in reinforced concrete (not prestressed). these are made on carousel production lines, directly to exact length, and as a stock product. the length is limited to about 7-8 metre. especially in belgium, this method is widely used in private housing. to meet modern.

hollow-hearted - definition of hollow-hearted by the free dictionary

define hollow-hearted. hollow-hearted synonyms, hollow-hearted pronunciation, hollow-hearted translation, english dictionary definition of hollow-hearted. a. 1. insincere; deceitful; not sound and true; having a cavity or decayed spot within.

hollow-back - dictionary definition : vocabulary.com

and two winning virtuosos are joshua culbreath, whose headstand into a backbend — a hollow-back, when the legs reach parallel to the floor — and shafeek westbrook, a dancer seemingly without a semblance of gravity. new york timesjan 31, 2014. prevnext.

how to measure dresses size - inweddingdress

make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor and pulled evenly across the body with no slack. you may want to . measure from the center of the collarbone (hollow) to the dress hem. note: the . hollow to hem: do this with the shoes you will be wearing with your full length gown or dress for best results. a short.

hypocaust | define hypocaust at dictionary.com

hypocaust definition, a hollow space or system of channels in the floor or walls of some ancient roman buildings that provided a central heating system by receiving and distributing the heat from a furnace. see more.

measurement guide for dresses — jasmine's bridal shop

hollow to hem (for the front of the dress) please stand straight against a. hollow to hem (for the front of the dress). please stand straight against a wall, mark where your collarbones are, and then measure from the marking down to the floor. you will need to take the measurement with the exact shoes you will be wearing.

size chart | azazie

note: the hollow to hem measurement for standard sized floor length dresses includes an extra 2 inches to fit high heels. note: for dresses with trains, the length of the front of the dress is based on the hollow to hem measurement of each standard size. train length remains the same for all sizes.