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how much to laminate floors

how much does it cost to install laminate flooring?discount .

nov 21, 2012 . when pricing the cost of installing laminate flooring, sometimes you can be in for an unexpected surprise. the cost of the actual work of installing the floor can actually rival the price of the floor itself. crazy, right? laminate flooring can be picked up for as low as less than £5 per square meter, but a standard.

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aug 15, 2016 . laminate offers the beauty of hardwood flooring often at a fraction of the cost. in addition, it's ease of installation means that most homeowners opt to tackle a laminate installation themselves. it comes in many different styles, colors, and textures, and can even be made to look like tile or marble flooring.

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if you're considering replacing one of your floors, laminate flooring is a very popular, long-lasting choice. if you like the look of hardwood but it's beyond your budget, a laminate floor can be a great substitute. this high-quality product has a photographic layer that can mimic the look of wood, tile, stone or other natural flooring.

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the average installation cost of laminate flooring ranges between $2 and $8 per square foot. this cost usually includes the cost of underlay and adhesives that may be used. depending on the type of project – like adding snap together laminate panels - this may be suitable for diy. hallways or.

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in addition, it won't damage like regular hardwood, so it'll last for decades. because the laminate flooring clicks and locks together, it's simple to install. for a smaller room, use a lighter-colored flooring to make the space feel warmer and much larger. always buy more flooring than needed in case you make some bad cuts.

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apr 28, 2014 . we're asking readers to share how much they spent on a given item, project, or upgrade in the home.

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something not to be forgotten when figuring out how much laminate flooring to order is the waste factor. this is the extra amount of laminate flooring you should order in order to cover cutting and fitting waste. the standard recommendation for a waste factor is 5%. if there are a lot of smaller spaces in your flooring renovation.

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jan 20, 2017 . for homeowners looking for a fresh, stylish look on a budget, it doesn't get much better than laminate flooring. designed to look like hardwood, tile and even stone for a fraction of the price of these materials, laminate floors are easy to install and maintain. however, getting the most out of any laminate.